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Pains we know you have when running a company
When running a company there is always something that needs to be done. These areas can often take priority over keeping investors updated. There is never a simple process to sending out relevant information to board, stakeholders, partners, employees and potential investors. Data needs a lot of attention to ensure accuracy, formatting takes time and preparing the updates for send out can see you working until the early hours of the morning. Keeping track of historical information to showcase this to new, interested parties is rare, difficult and often doesn’t happen at all. Transparency and negative news might be seen as a disadvantage, the truth is that withholding this can influence others’ trust in you negatively.

How using a service like us can make your life infinitely easier
Shark Digest encourages and takes care of the monthly update schedule. Creating a simple habit instead of the usual manual effort makes your updates less of a chore. Our easy and standardized process keeps all your stakeholders updated so you can focus on the growth of your startup. We do all the leg work, data entry, formatting and formulation is what we specialize in. Just one phone call from you is all that is required. Historical data is kept safe and easily showcased for new partners as per your request. Shark Digest is a great supporter of transparency, we see little downsides to being completely transparent. If anything it is often seen as a great leadership skill. We iterate and encourage best practices, such as focus on transparency and delivery of bad news to increase trust.