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Pains we know you as an investor experience
It is often the case that portfolio companies are not focused on updating investors unless money is running out. Different portfolio companies also update in different formats, there is no unified format. It is very difficult if not impossible to keep an overview over a big portfolio. Too much time for you as an investor has to be spent chasing portfolio companies for information. Without the full co-operation of the portfolio company, it is extremely difficult to keep track of the company metrics and other updates.

How using a service like us can make your life infinitely easier
The Shark Digest process has you covered by taking care of the workflow process, acting as the Investor Relations Department for your portfolio companies. Shark Digest unifies the information and logically asserts it in the backend so investors can see all data in the same format. The ease of access to your whole portfolio’s update is super simple using the Shark Digest system. We aim to save you time. Through regular updates and centralized data, the amount of time you and your portfolio companies spend on updates will be drastically reduced. We understand that sometimes there isn’t time to read everything, this is why we make KPI information prominent. Company updates are also condensed for easy digesting.