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Potential Investors

Pains we know you as a potential investor experience
It is more often than not hard to estimate and understand company performance and operations from the past due to a lack of reporting. Investor presentations are too focused on positive aspects and opportunities and tend to brush over any negative information. Historical data points might be vague, complicated, removed or altered. With such practices is it any wonder there may be little transparency on the current operational model. After showing an initial interest, it can be difficult to get further updates leaving you out of the loop on potential rounds.

How using a service like us can make your life infinitely easier
Shark Digest stores all historic data and metrics making them easily accessible for inspection on companies’ plans, successes and failures from the past. Since updates are consistent and regular, such provide a more honest and transparent picture of a company, which benefits trust relationship. Historic data is available at any time in report history or on investor portal. Staying updated and in touch even after the initial ‘maybe’ automatically. No more missed opportunities due to not keeping in touch.