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The Shark Digest team come from a variety of different backgrounds but all have excellent experience working with startups. Working across multiple continents, and each member of the team coming from a different country, we truly understand global business.

Making Shark Digest was a simple decision to come to. We needed a similar service and noticed how much time, energy and focus could be saved if this task is taken from your shoulders. The benefits are not to be understated. We have consistently heard great reports from angels, private investors, accelerators and VC firms that the updates we make are some of the best they have seen.

There is a reason why publicly listed companies are legally bound to have an investor relations department where the sole purpose is to keep the investors happy. The benefits are significant, transparency is a great business practice and you never know when you may need to ask for something. If there has been an ongoing relationship this is less of a surprise for those you approach.


Claire Ross-Brown
Managing Partner

Claire’s experience started in London in the heart of the Banking and Finance sector, working with some of the largest banking institutions and their recruitment needs. As well as working with businesses, Claire has also worked as an actress and combined these skills to assist corporations with their internal and external marketing.

Claire is best known for her ability to connect with people from all walks of life. As she says herself “If I can’t help you, I will always know someone who can. Helping people to achieve their goal is what motivates me.”


Markus Stefanko

Markus has worked in Startups since over 10 years, being a CTO at the age of 20 for one of the largest e-sport organisations in the world. Having lived in many locations from Germany to Denmark to Mallorca, Markus has great world experience and loves helping Startups execute better.

When not in the office you can find Markus wakeboarding or at the Korean BBQ.


Taiwaree Vannasiri
Analytics Specialist

Taiwaree is extremely passionate about data and analytics. She finished her masters in Statistics from California State University, East Bay before entering the statistics world for the first time with online marketing. She is a self confessed data/analytics geek/statistician/analyst/analytics consultant.

She has experience of working with global retailers and the largest e-commerce company in SEA. Away from data, Taiwaree loves to travel and also enjoys wakeboarding and skiing in her spare time.


Kham Chanthavong
Operational Analyst

Kham has worked in the financial services firm for over six years and was a contract specialist at Hewlett Packard. When he’s not in the office, he is out traveling and exploring the world.

He’s very curious of what’s out there so meeting new people and learning new cultures give him a new understanding about the planet we live in. And when he’s not traveling, he plays both adult inline and ice hockey.


Stuart Lansdale
Operational Analyst

Stuart is an adventurous soul at heart with a history of planning elaborate trips such as cycling the world in 2012. With a background in Anthropology and having spent time living in Nepal, Stuart sees himself as an individual with international experience.

Impossible is not part of his vocabulary and he always looks at ways in which things can be done and they quite often can!


Morten Lund

Morten dares to believe that he can change industries – via technology, hard work, good people and a bit of cash. Morten’s impact on the world has left an indelible mark. Known for his keen eye for turning existing business models and distribution methods on their head, Morten has co-founded and invested in more than 80 high-tech start ups.

Morten Lund defies easy categorization with a career that’s carried him across industries and into the heart of revolutionary digital transformations.